How To Make A Website In Pakistan

How To Make A Website In Pakistan

Establishing a website business without having a website is nearly impossible nowadays. Now that you plan to make a website in Pakistan, you must consider various factors. Two of the crucial factors among these factors are website-making charges in Pakistan and website development prices in Pakistan. In addition, you need to design the website along with compelling content too. Do not worry, here is how to do it the easy way!

Make A Website In Pakistan

To make a website in Pakistan, you need to be certain of how to get started in the first place. That is to say, you need to stick to the basics and move accordingly to manage an optimal website for your business. The following is a copacetic order on making a website in Pakistan to get started with your business:

Starting With The Basics; Getting Yourself A Domain

A domain is a name for your website and is what people search for when they are looking for a website. Your domain name should be unique, easy to remember, and easy to spell. When choosing a domain for your website, try to use a word that reflects your brand or business. Many people experience confusion when they try to think of a unique domain name because millions of websites already exist on the internet. Most of the names are taken. But don’t worry, there is a tool for you called “NameMesh” that can assist you in finding unique names for your website and even indicates the availability of the domain. Once you have decided on a name for your domain, you can purchase it on GoDaddy or NameCheap for as low as 1000Rs per year.

Getting Yourself A Web Hosting In Pakistan

Now that you have selected and purchased a domain, it’s time to look for good hosting. A web host is a server where you keep your website on the internet, so people can come and see your website online. The web server should be fast and reliable so that it will stay online 24/7 and can handle a good amount of traffic. There are a few types of servers: VPS, Shared Hosting, and dedicated hosting. Since you might be just starting your business online, the best hosting option for you is shared hosting. It’s affordable, can handle a decent amount of traffic, and also offers good website speed. Some good options for web hosting in Pakistan are and Their basic package starts from 2500Rs per year, which is affordable for someone who is just starting to make a website in Pakistan.

How To Make A Website In Pakistan-Domain

CMS; Preference For WordPress

First, it is important to understand what a CMS is. A CMS, which stands for Content Management System, is essentially software that you can run on your website to manage all of your content. This includes your website design, images, and text, and a CMS helps you organize and control your website code. Currently, the most popular and user-friendly CMS in the world is WordPress, and the best part is that it’s free. Originally developed in 2003 primarily for blogging, WordPress has evolved and now allows users to create more complex and visually appealing websites. Therefore, WordPress is the ideal choice for someone looking to create a website in Pakistan. While there are a few other CMS options that are also in demand, such as Webflow and Drupal, WordPress remains the top choice.

Designing The Perfect Layout For Your Website

There are two most important things when making a website in Pakistan: design and content. Let’s start by discussing the design first. The design of a website is comparable to painting the walls of a house. Just as you carefully choose colors and paint your house with the utmost delicacy, the design of a website has a similar effect. When selecting a design for your website, it may seem complicated, but let’s simplify it for you. You need to choose a color scheme that reflects your brand, and you can create your unique color schemes using the website “Colorhunt.” Once you have selected a color scheme, you can now search for design inspiration on Behance. Now, go ahead and create an amazing design!

How To Make A Website In Pakistan Design

Content Creation As Per The Purpose Of Your Business

Remember the house example: content is like placing furniture in your house. When choosing furniture, you try to match it with the ambiance of the house, and the furniture actually represents the personality of your house. The same principle applies to content creation for your website. When developing content, it is crucial to keep in mind that you are representing your brand to hundreds of people through your words. Therefore, try to use simple language and structure your sentences in a way that is easy to understand. Your content should flow smoothly. Nowadays, there are numerous tools available to assist you in creating content for your website in Pakistan, and one of them is ChatGPT.

Developing The Site Using A Page Builder

One of the advantages of using WordPress is that you don’t need to know how to code in order to create an amazing website. There are tools that assist in building stunning websites with just drag-and-drop functionality, and we refer to them as page builders. One of the most widely used page builders in WordPress is Elementor. It is user-friendly, beginner-friendly, and does not require any technical knowledge to construct a website. Here is an article ( to help you get started with building your website using Elementor.

Search Engine Optimization Supported Website

Almost 93% of the internet traffic is coming from search engines. If you don’t optimize your website for them, you won’t receive a significant amount of traffic, which will prevent your website from reaching its fullest potential. However, following simple strategies will ensure that your website is SEO optimized. Google evaluates your website through the Meta title, Meta description, and H1, H2 tags. To rank for a specific keyword, you need to incorporate that keyword in all of these areas. When using WordPress, optimizing your website becomes much easier. You can utilize the Yoast SEO Plugin to optimize your Meta titles, descriptions, and H1 and H2 tags. Once you have optimized them, you can check your website’s SEO score using a tool called “SEO Site Checkup.”

How To Make A Website In Pakistan Speed

Ready, Test, Launch!

Congratulations on reaching this stage! Now, it’s time for the final and most crucial step of creating a website in Pakistan. Ensure that everything is functioning correctly, and the design is responsive. ¬†Test your website on various devices and platforms. Your website’s speed should be optimal, and it should provide a user-friendly experience. To optimize speed, you can utilize LiteSpeed Cache for your WordPress website. Once you are content with your website, you are prepared to click the launch button and welcome success.

Website Development Price In Pakistan

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the aforementioned information. And considering hiring a web developer in Pakistan, you may be wondering about the website making charges in Pakistan. The pricing of a website primarily depends on its requirements and the amount of time required for development. On average, website development prices in Pakistan start from 30,000Rs and can go up to 100,000Rs, depending on the specific requirements. Infinitekey offers a seamless and professional experience for its web development clients in Pakistan. Contact us now to begin growing your business.