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Our Mission

InfiniteKey unlocks the fullest potential of your Website with high-converting design and result-focused SEO.


Trust is one of the crucial offers the Company must tender to its clients. Clients place their dependence in a very sincere manner, and it can be lost in seconds if the responsibility taken to do the work of your client is completed to the fullest. COVID-19 has proven to be a very harsh time for the citizens and even in time of such misery, scam and fraud were what we saw the most during the interlude. There is widespread distrust of freelancers and agencies, especially in the SEO space. InfiniteKey believes that we get things done in a very trustworthy manner and that we are different and pure from all fraudulent acts. We do exactly what we say when we say it. Our clients will feel comfortable knowing their business is well cared for. Therefore, you can rely on us for your projects in the given fields of endeavor and your demand. 


Always learning

Learning brings an efficacious impact on the way of our living. We believe in Harris & Lambert’s ‘Building Leadership Capacity’ motive that “professional learning is continuous learning focused on the central goal of making a difference in the lives.” With diverse types of technological advancements, it is a concluded fact that this industry changes fast. Trends and strategies constantly evolve, so what our approach here is, is that we carve our work into the best possible upgraded version of modern requirements and wants. Thus, InfiniteKey proposes a continuous stream of work before its clients to keep the consumers of its services happy and satisfied.


InfiniteKey always hunts for the maximum potential when it comes to the completion of our tasks. In other words, money is not the only end we want to achieve here at InfiniteKey. Most Importantly, monetary preferences are of a nominal value in the perspective of the company, InfiniteKey surmises in taking orders (even if they are lesser in quantity) and delivering the best workable solutions, with amendments as per the demand of the clients wherever needed. Our main focus is the success of our clients. InfiniteKey always goes the extra mile to ensure they see the best results. This means putting in the extra work to make improvements, suggest opportunities, and share resources. 




Empathy is an ability that even the most established organizations lack. It is the talent to understand what your client is going through. Here, at InfiniteKey, we have an understanding that client’s behaviour can vary circumstantially. We are all going through something at certain times in our life, can be a positive or a negative instance. InfiniteKey strives to be understanding of our clients’ situations and take care of them accordingly. Your well-being is more important than our bottom line and we will always manage to produce natural responses that can go along with the requisites of the company as well as you, being the client. 

Our Story

The Beginning.

Greetings! My name is Ali. I incepted my career as a freelancer with my first web design project in 2019, approved and highly commended. After such appreciation, I became eager to learn new skills in addition to web designing and find solutions to big problems. Subsequently, I exponentially grew in terms of my experience.

The Decision.

After a year of perpetually taking orders from my clients and working shifts, I explored that this wasn’t just a hobby and that I was made for doing such. To clarify, it was more of an opportunity at a career I had truly become passionate about.

Along the way, I tamed my weaknesses and alleviated the faults involved therein while conducting my duty. Moreover, I had learned and acquired a love for sales messaging, search engine optimization, online reputation, sales funnels, and online sales.


After the interlude of two years, the team expanded. By this time, I had acknowledged that there are other competent workers in my circle who had similar motives. Therefore, I alongside the team collaborated in aiming to quickly keep up with demand and in a matter of months went from a one-man freelance operation to a full-fledged design agency.

But there was still a problem…. “We can build awesome websites, but that is useless if our clients don’t have any traffic.”

So, it was time to put our problem-solving skills to work.


We established an agency to work together and find solutions to our client’s problems. Clients demanded we delivered with 100% positive feedback. We named the agency “InfiniteKey” as a problem is like a lock and we provide the key “strategy” to unlock the full potential of our client’s business.

This was possible by combining our web design and SEO skills and creating a perfect solution for each client according to their business needs.

Join us and be a part of our mission. Let’s Grow


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